refrigerated trailer rentals in oklahmoa

Cool Box Uses

Our small refrigerated trailer rentals can be used in a variety of ways.

Keep your temperature-sensitive products refrigerated or frozen — our trailers can be set between 0° F and 50° F. This means your items will remain at the optimal temperature for the duration of your rental. Whether you need to store food, drinks, medical supplies, or other cold products, contact Cool Box of Oklahoma to reserve your refrigerated trailer today.

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mobile refrigerator or freezer

Choose your optimal temperature

Our mobile cold storage units can be used as refrigerated trailers or freezer trailers. Temperature settings range between 0° F and 50° F.

This makes them perfect for a long list of industries.

refrigerated truck alternative

choose your ideal trailer size

Our small refrigerated trailers in Oklahoma come in three convenient sizes. They are each six feet wide, allowing you to park your trailer in a standard parking space.

Our cold storage trailers are perfect if you need to cool or freeze items on the go, but don’t need an entire refrigerated truck.

temporary cold storage

choose your rental period

Cool Box of Oklahoma offers refrigerated trailer rentals for use as temporary cold storage. They’re perfect for when your commercial refrigerator isn’t cooling or you need to store cold items after a natural disaster.

We offer discounts on monthly rental rates!